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Mental Fitness

 Is your key to Success

 Unlock your potential for health,   performance and self mastery

Meet MaggieG

Certified Lifestyle Medicine Health & Wellbeing Coach


To inspire a community of intentional leaders and healers to overcome stress, self doubt & self sabotage so they can fulfill their greatest potential and life goals in their wellbeing, career performance and relationships.

To reach our full potential, we have a duty to ourselves to first become our best self, to fuel up and have enough energy for two ~ as Heroes, we can optimize how we show up in our Work, Love and in the energy we share with the world. Where are you on your health journey? Let's connect and get you started on your unique pathway to health, performance and self mastery.

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Programs to restore, revitalize and optimize

Intensive Lifestyle Intervention Program

(12-weeks online)


Ready for a total lifestyle reset? Focused on addressing the root causes of chronic diseases, this intensive lifestyle transformation program offers a dynamic, small group experience, to provide you with the tools and evidence-based guidelines to JumpStart your whole-person journey into better health. 


Pivio Wellness

Mind-Body Wellbeing Lifestyle Program 

(8-weeks online)


This online program is a perfect introduction to Ayurveda and to discovering your unique mind/body blueprint to thrive. 

Learn to create your own self-care routines, honoring your natural and essential qualities (Doshas). Begin your Journey into Wellbeing and re-awaken the wisdom from within.

Chopra Health

Mental Fitness

(8-weeks online) 


Build powerful habits for a positive mindset. Based on positive psychology and the science of behavior change. 

Build a foundation of mental fitness by strengthening three critical mental muscles to shape new neural pathways that support mental strength and freedom to express your authentic, positive self.


Positive Intelligence

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Discovery, Acceptance and Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

“During the CHIP program, I lost 20 pounds and reduced my waist measurement by more than two inches!...My doctor says that my body is actively reversing the unhelathy elements without medication. Two months after the program, I have now lost 39 pounds!”

- Carol

“Maggie's eHabits course was awesome, it was a fun journey, which taught me how to set up new goals and enjoy trying out all kinds of self-care habits; I love the mind/body focus and enjoy my new abilities to just flow into more easeful living.”

- Cathy

“Maggie is just wonderful and as a busy professional, I appreciated how perceptive her coaching was, as she was able to help me customize and optimize my new eating, sleeping and movement daily habits."

- Jean

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